Document Destruction for Fairfax VA

Why Shred in Fairfax

It seems that data breaches are becoming more prevalent in our work environments.  Are you taking the proper precautions to assure your office is taking every security measure to reduce this risk?  Document Destruction of Virginia offers both one-time purges and recurring service to Fairfax.  Having locked security shred bins throughout the work place helps to eliminate sensitive information from getting in the wrong hands.  Specific designated locations for your employees to place any sensitive or proprietary information will put your mind at ease!

Why have locked security containers?

Companies often forget about the security of the paper before it gets shredded.  Documents must be safeguarded before they are destroyed!  DDV offers different size containers to companies throughout Fairfax to provide them with the upmost security!  Locked containers help prevent unauthorized access—the same reason we use keyed post office boxes.  The key to securing sensitive documentation is to minimize the amount of handling. Our hands free on-site shredding process gives you peace of mind that once that paper has left your hand and been placed into the secure container, it will not be handled again.

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