Why Shred?

Why Shred Your Documents?

Protecting your and your customers’ confidential information is a high priority.

A single piece of paper with sensitive information could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars.  Document Destruction of Virginia’s services can help you remain compliant with federal and state regulations.

We offer a variety of services, including:

Shredding services are a cost effective way to protect your company and secure all of your sensitive information. We offer a Certificate of Destruction after each service. If you are ever faced with any form of a data breach, your Certificate of Destruction will provide proof of compliance. 

Why a Shred it All Policy is Important

These days, more and more businesses are moving towards a shred all policy. Implementing a shred it all policy will benefit your business for a number of reasons. A shred all policy ensures that your workplace eliminates all documents safely and securely when they are no longer needed. 

Here are a few reasons why implementing a shred all policy is in your best interest:

It Increases Protection

It gives you and your customers peace of mind by protecting personal and confidential information.

It Helps You Remain Compliant With Laws and Regulations

Maintain compliance with federal shredding laws

It’s An Environmentally-Friendly Option

You can rest assured that everything we shred is recycled. Partnering with a reliable shredding company ensures that your documents are properly disposed of before being  recycled. 

It Protects Against Dumpster Divers

Identity theft is still an ongoing concern and dumpster diving is an issue, especially because it’s not illegal. Dumpsters are targets for criminals looking to steal your identity or sensitive information. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of items that definitely need to be shredded:

  • Address labels from junk mail and magazines
  • ATM receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Birth certificate copies
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Credit and charge card bills, carbon copies, summaries and receipts
  • Credit reports and histories
  • Documents containing maiden name (used by credit card companies for security reasons)
  • Documents containing names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses
  • Documents relating to investments
  • Documents containing passwords or PIN numbers
  • Driver’s licenses or items with a driver’s license number
  • Employee pay stubs
  • Employment records
  • Expired passports and visas
  • Unlaminated identification cards (college IDs, state IDs, employee ID badges, military IDs)
  • Legal documents
  • Investment, stock and property transactions
  • Items with a signature (leases, contracts, letters)
  • Luggage tags
  • Medical and dental records
  • Papers with a Social Security number
  • Pre-approved credit card applications
  • Receipts with checking account numbers
  • Report cards
  • Resumés or curriculum vitae
  • Tax forms
  • Transcripts
  • Travel itineraries
  • Used airline tickets
  • Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, Internet)

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Recap, Why Shred?

  1. It's the law Many companies in the financial, medical, and consumer fields are required by law to shred documents instead of throwing them in the trash.
    News agencies report on a daily basis that identity theft is an enormous problem. Help protect your customers’ personal information.
    Protect your company’s trade secrets; dumpster diving is legal. Don’t let sensitive information leave your facility without being shredded on site.

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