The city of Fredericksburg is located just 45 short miles from Washington DC, making it a great hub for large employers in the area. With companies like Geico, Mary Washington Healthcare, along with the University of Mary Washington there is a tremendous need to keep your documents secured and accounted for. Whether you are in need for a one-time purge or recurring service, Document Destruction of Virginia can help your Fredericksburg office.


Everyone has a need for paper shredding, business or resident, we all have papers around our office or home that have confidential information that we would not want to go in the dumpster, after all dumpster diving is LEGAL. With our on-site shredding trucks, we can take care of the shredding for you and our hands off approach means that we don’t handle the paper anymore than necessary. If you have the paper in boxes, we will simply dump those boxes into our rolling container, take it to the truck and shred right there in front of you so you can be assured they are shredded into unreadable pieces of paper. Give us a call and we will take it from there…you will be surprised how easy it is.


All shredded paper is recycled, so we are doing our part to keep this planet sustainable. The shredded paper from Fredericksburg is taken to a recycler where it is pulped down and made into newspaper and other paper products. We are saving trees, water, fuel, and a host of other products by recycling the shredded paper.


Document Destruction of Virginia’s truck fleet can shred between 3,000-6,000 pounds per hour, so even if you think you have way too much and it will take all day, these trucks will make quick work of it so that you can get on with your day. No need to remove paper clips and staples, the shredder built into this truck will tear right through them. It couldn’t be easier, just schedule a day with us, point the documents out to our driver and he will take care of it from there. We weigh everything before it is shredded, so you only pay for what is destroyed. We also offer on-site hard drive destruction to assure that all those confidential files on that drive are destroyed at your Fredericksburg location.


With our recurring shredding services Document Destruction of Virginia will place container(s) at your Fredericksburg facility free of charge. We will set you up on a schedule, depending on your destruction needs and then we will come shred the contents of those containers on site, therefore, you are simply paying for the paper shredding service. We offer a variety of sized containers, you can see our most popular items on the recurring services tab of this website.

We also service Stafford, Woodbridge, and Spotsylvania County, give us a call and we can help you.

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