Scheduled Document Shredding Services

Document Destruction of Virginia’s scheduled document shredding services are a great way to get your documents shredded in a timely manner. Specifically, our shredding approach ensures your security and compliance with privacy legislation, protecting you from outside threats such as information theft and fraud.

Are Scheduled Shredding Services Necessary?

Every business has confidential paperwork that needs to be shredded. You have an obligation to your clients, employees and your business to protect its private information. You also have a legal obligation to protect that private information under both federal and state privacy laws. Most documents contain some form of confidential information that is required to be properly destroyed. Privacy laws require that any documents that contain confidential information must be shredded before they are disposed of or you can face stiff fines and penalties. An ongoing shredding program will help your company be compliant. The most efficient and economical way to accomplish this is with a recurring shredding service.

Why Not Shred In-house With An Office Shredder?

This approach to document shredding does not guarantee destruction and is simply not reliable. Not only that, but it requires employee time and dedication which should be spent performing duties that contribute to business. Our professional team will happily look after the destruction of your documents so you can continue focusing on your business matters. You focus on your business requirements, and we’ll worry about your document shredding with a recurring document shredding schedule that means you don’t have to stress about it!

in-house office shredder

Protect Your Sensitive Information

Our recurring shredding services offers your business a record of compliance should you ever be faced with a data breach within your workplace.

Many industries already require that you have on-site shredding services so let’s make sure your documents are securely shredded before they leave your facility.

When you have documents piling up on a regular basis and are looking to securely dispose of them, turn to our recurring option for quick service that also frees up space in your office and reduces security risks. Document Destruction of Virginia’s recurring shredding service is ideal for businesses, healthcare providers and organizations that have an ongoing need to shred confidential documents.

Why Trust Us with Your Documents?

Having Document Destruction of Virginia store your important files and paper documents can have many benefits over handling them on your own. Some of the benefits of trusting us to manage and store your records and files include:

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Cost-Effective Shredding

When you choose to use our recurring services, you will receive the added benefit of security containers at no charge. You only pay for shredding services when we come to your location and carry out the destruction process. The cost of recurring shredding is determined by the number of bins or consoles you require and the frequency of the service. Our employees will supply you with a thorough quote and a Certificate of Destruction at the end of the scheduled service.

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Flexible Schedule

You choose how often you require shredding. Be it weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks, simply let us work with you to determine the frequency of service your company will benefit from. A regular schedule is more efficient, so we recommend that you choose weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks. Our scheduled paper shredding service is flexible and can be adjusted at any time to meet your needs.

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Getting Started is Easy

All that is required from you is contacting our team to learn about the process. Our specialists will want to get to know your specific needs and budget so that we can create a service plan that’s going to work for you! We will consider the frequency in which you require shredding, as well as the number of security containers you need in your office.

Lockable Security Containers

We offer many sizes including our most popular office console and for a more industrial setting our 65 and 95-gallon toter! Ask us about determining what size or configuration would work best for your office place. We will then regularly service it to ensure these confidential documents are being destroyed securely. Even if you have limited space, we can work with your space restrictions to ensure you are properly covered.

95 gallon collection container

95 Gallon Toter

Built-in paper slot and locking mechanism to ensure your documents stay safe. Perfect solution for larger collections and industrial settings.

Dimensions: 44”H x 25”W x 34”D
Capacity: 250-300 lbs. of paper

65 gallon collection container

65 Gallon Toter

Built-in paper slot and locking mechanism to ensure your documents stay safe. Perfect solution for larger collections and industrial settings.

Dimensions: 43.25”H x 24.5”W x 27.5”D
Capacity: 200-250 lbs. of paper

office console collection container

Office Console

A perfect addition to any office setting. Our consoles provide secure paper collection and are JCAHO and HIPAA compliant.

Dimensions: 35”H x 19”W x 16”D
Capacity: 80-100 lbs. of paper

Our Shredding Process Is Easy


Once we arrive, simply show us what needs to be destroyed. No need to remove staples or paperclips; our machines can handle them!


Documents to be destroyed will be loaded into a secure shredding container for weighing and dumping into our secure mobile document shredder.


Documents will be destroyed right on site. You can even watch the entire process through an on-board monitoring screen!

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We Recycle All Shredded Paper

We truly care about the environment and want to do our part to make sure it is clean and healthy for many generations to come.

You Can Put Your Trust in Document Destruction of Virginia

Let us tailor a program that will accommodate your shredding needs.