Affordable Mobile Shredding Service For Residential Owners

At Document Destruction of Virginia (DDV) we provide a safe and convenient way to shred your documents at your residence without leaving the comfort of your home.  We offer an affordable mobile shredding service for residential owners in all the areas that we regularly travel with our trucks during our commercial services.  This means driving to your home for shredding is easy.  With DDV, we will bring the shred truck to you and because we do all of our shredding onsite, it will all be destroyed before leaving your property!  

We Offer Excellent Customer Service

You will notice the quality and character of our friendly bonded shred technicians, and because we are a local company, we rely on great referrals to spread the word about our services to your family, friends and neighbors alike.  

Residential shredding also helps the environment. All of the paper we shred is recycled and used to make other paper products.  Did you know that one ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees? Destroying your documents with DDV protects both you and the environment.

How to Set-up a Shredding Service at Your House

Setting up service is easy!

1. Call our office and let us know approximately how much paper you have to shred (bankers boxes, plastic totes, bags etc).

2. We will ask for your address and a day-of contact number as well and even give you a time range so you aren’t waiting around all day. 

3. Simply have everything on ground level prior to our arrival and we’ll get to work as soon as we arrive. 

4. The driver accepts Check, Visa and Mastercard at time of service for a streamlined and efficient Arrive-Shred-Pay service.

person placing shredding paper in a bin

How are the Documents Shredded

Your documents are placed into one of our toters and wheeled to our shredding truck, weight is recorded and the toter is lifted up into the shredding chamber of the shred truck.

Your paper is then shredded and automatically moved into the large locked storage room at the rear of the truck.  Want to see the action happen?  You can watch everything on the monitor on the side of the truck!  

We also offer Hard-Drive shredding for our home pickup as well.

If you have old computers and laptops that are now dinosaurs, the hard drives still have a ton of valuable data and personal information that you simply don’t want being found at your local landfill.  Much like the paper, we also do shred the hard drives, they aren’t just “cleaned”.  Just give us a call to find out more about our shredding services!

green recycling icon

We Recycle All Shredded Paper

We truly care about the environment and want to do our part to make sure it is clean and healthy for many generations to come.

You Can Put Your Trust in Document Destruction of Virginia

Let us tailor a program that will accommodate your shredding needs.