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Shredding Services in Front Royal

Document Destruction of Virginia takes pride in being able to provide secure document and hard drive destruction services to organizations and businesses in Front Royal. With data breaches and information theft being a prevalent threat across the United States, it is important for individuals and organizations in Front Royal to take action, in order to protect sensitive information.

There are many organizations that are subject to some key legislation such as FACTA and HIPAA, and have a legal obligation to protecting certain types of information. For these situations, a partner for document and e-waste shredding needs to be someone reliable and trustworthy. DDV realizes this and works hard to ensure that client needs are met and exceeded on a regular and reliable basis.

Shredding Services

We ensure that our services are always up to date in order to provide the best possible service for clients. Our technicians are kept up to date on the latest in legislation and protocol changes, ensuring that our standards are among the highest in the industry. Clients that opt for regularly recurring scheduled services can expect to have documents regularly collected and destroyed to the highest standards. Those that opt instead for one-time purge shredding in Front Royal can expect the exact same top level service quality.

Purge Shredding In Front Royal

Purge shredding is an excellent option for clients that are looking for secure on-site shredding services, but are not wanting to commit to regularly occurring services. Our purge shredding service comes with all of the same convenience and flexibility benefits of our scheduled document destruction service.

On Site Shredding

All of our on-site services are powered by our amazing fleet of shredding trucks. These trucks are often found passing through the streets of Front Royal, meaning that on-site secure shredding service is not far away! With our on-site service, our technicians do all the work! We can arrive at your designated location, empty any designated shred bins, and destroy them in one visit right at your location. On-site services are the most secure shredding services available, and we are proud to offer them!

Hard Drive Destruction

With more and more information creation, management and storage occurring on computers and mobile devices, hard drive destruction has become more important than ever for protecting sensitive data. With data recovery being easier to access and accomplish, businesses and consumers need to think twice before simply disposing of old computers or devices without destroying any and all storage devices that are included. Physical hard drive shredding is the ultimate method of electronic data destruction.

Why Choose Document Destruction Of Virginia?

Our Services are Fast and Reliable

Our shredding trucks can destroy 3000 – 6000lbs per hour. This translates to minimum processing time, and no time delegating valuable employee hours to shredding documents. Professional shred equipment like ours are built to shred through thousands of documents for extended periods of time, unlike consumer-grade shredding trucks, which could never withstand such usage.

Shredding Reduces Your Costs

We offer a standard rate for each security bin, removing the guessing element from pricing. We make sure that the costs are as clear as possible prior to shredding, in order to avoid unwanted surprises. Our solutions are affordable and fall well within compliance of NAID regulations; you can rest assured that your information is destroyed securely and affordably!

The Highest Level of Security & Privacy

We emphasize the security of your information above all else, and you can have peace of mind in knowing that we guarantee total protection through a strict chain of custody. We provide our recurring clients with lockable containers to make sure those documents to-be-destroyed are secured until they are ready for destruction. We can work with your business to determine what bin sizes are ideal for your workplace, and how frequently shredding services should be performed.

Throughout the process our team works hard to ensure all services remain within security protocol; this includes everything from the collection of your documents, all the way through to the shredding procedures. We’re dedicated to protecting your security and safety through proper handling of your records, from their point of origin, right into the shredder.

We also make sure to provide our customers with a Certificate of Destruction upon the completion of services. This certificate guarantees the quality of our service and serves as physical evidence of the completion of document shredding services. We stand by our work, and the Certificate of Destruction proves it.


Our trucks are regularly passing through Front Royal. If your workplace or organization needs a reliable and trustworthy shredding partner, look no further. Document Destruction of Virginia is ready to provide your business with reliable and affordable shredding services, without compromising security.