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Shredding & Storage Services in Waynesboro

We strongly believe Waynesboro organizations should be doing as much as possible to reduce threats associated with data breach and fraud. What’s the best solution for achieving this?  Turning to professional document shredding services to protect your sensitive information. Document destruction offered by a trusted business, gives you the level of data security that the majority of companies are legally obliged to seek, according to important legislation such as FACTA and HIPAA.

Document Destruction of Virginia provides Waynesboro residents and businesses effective document shredding services that keep your privacy protected. Our team of experts makes the process as quick and straight-forward as possible. In addition to shredding, we also provide storage solutions which can help to improve information management and security. Having served Waynesboro for more than a decade, you can depend on our experience and knowledge to get the job completed successfully, without any hassle.

As of April 2018, Document Destruction VA is proud to share the news that we’ve acquired Friendship Industries located in Harrisonburg, to take over their paper shredding operations under our roof and team of staff. Friendship Industries offers incredible opportunities to those with disabilities in commercial work and training. The company also maintains expertise in business services such as packaging and logistics.

Shredding Services

Waynesboro residents and businesses can take advantage of the highest quality shredding services in the country. As a member of NAID, our trained and qualified team maintains among the highest standards in the industry. For simplicity, many clients choose our recurring shredding services, so they know exactly when and how their documents will be destroyed. Not interested in regular document shredding? We also offer a one-time purge shredding option available, as well as on-site services, based on your needs and preference. Waynesboro residences and businesses are encouraged to use these services as required.

Purge Shredding In Waynesboro

Perhaps you don’t feel the need to sign up for regular, ongoing document shredding; we have an alternative option for you as mentioned above. Our one-time services are tailored to clients that don’t need ongoing services. No size of job is too small (or too big) for us. Our high capacity and fast moving fleet means that we can serve your needs quicker than you might think!

On Site Shredding

Our mobile shredding trucks serve Waynesboro residents and businesses with high quality shredding services that fit your schedule. Documents are picked up and destroyed right on site, providing the ultimate peace of mind. If you’re looking for the most secure document shredding service in Waynesboro, look no further!

Hard Drive Destruction

We don’t just shred paper! Hard drives can often be used to recover sensitive data, even if they are formatted completely. Our shredding machines are capable of ensuring that hard drives are destroyed beyond recovery, meaning that any information ever contained on the drive is permanently inaccessible. Talk to us today to learn more about our hard drive destruction process.

Why Choose Document Destruction Of Virginia?

Our Services are Fast and Reliable

Our shredding trucks can destroy 3000 – 6000lbs per hour. This translates to minimum processing time, and no time delegating valuable employee hours to shredding documents. Professional shred equipment like ours are built to shred through thousands of documents for extended periods of time, unlike consumer-grade shredding trucks, which could never withstand such usage.

Shredding Reduces Your Costs

We offer a standard rate for each security bin, removing the guessing element from pricing. We make sure that the costs are as clear as possible prior to shredding, in order to avoid unwanted surprises. Our solutions are affordable and fall well within compliance of NAID regulations; you can rest assured that your information is destroyed securely and affordably!

The Highest Level of Security & Privacy

We emphasize the security of your information above all else, and you can have peace of mind in knowing that we guarantee total protection through a strict chain of custody. We provide our recurring clients with lockable containers to make sure those documents to-be-destroyed are secured until they are ready for destruction. We can work with your business to determine what bin sizes are ideal for your workplace, and how frequently shredding services should be performed.

Throughout the process our team works hard to ensure all services remain within security protocol; this includes everything from the collection of your documents, all the way through to the shredding procedures. We’re dedicated to protecting your security and safety through proper handling of your records, from their point of origin, right into the shredder.

We also make sure to provide our customers with a Certificate of Destruction upon the completion of services. This certificate guarantees the quality of our service and serves as physical evidence of the completion of document shredding services. We stand by our work, and the Certificate of Destruction proves it.


Our trucks are regularly passing through Waynesboro. If your workplace or organization needs a reliable and trustworthy shredding partner, look no further. Document Destruction of Virginia is ready to provide your business with reliable and affordable shredding services, without compromising security.