Hard Drive Destruction

hard drive destruction

On-Site Hard Drive Destruction

There are millions of pages of documents and data on every hard drive.  When these reach their end of life cycle, that data should be securely destroyed so it never falls into the wrong hands.  Simply trying to delete files or degaussing them doesn't effectively secure your data from outside threats.  Data breaches are becoming the norm and companies are paying millions of dollars depending upon what data is getting on the dark web.  Don't let your company's most valuable information be subject to pirates and hackers who profit from your negligence.

Did You Know

Document Destruction of Virginia’s on-site hard drive destruction service is the key to assuring these files and your data are securely destroyed.  DDV's confidential and secure on-site hard drive shredding process will destroy these at your location so you can be sure they are properly disposed.

The Process

Our state of the art trucks are equipped with an on-site hard drive shredder that will destroy your hard drive in a matter of seconds.


Our commitment to the environment ensures that your e-waste is getting disposed of properly.  Once fully destroyed the material is taken to a nearby recycling facility!

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