Shred Or Recycle? What To Do With Your Old Documents

Shred Or Recycle What To Do With Your Old Documents

Have you ever wondered what to do with old documents you need to remove? Should you shred them for added security or recycle them for a more eco-friendly solution? These are very valid questions with an increasing emphasis on data security and sustainability. Fortunately, we have the answers in this blog! In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of shredding versus recycling so that you can make the most informed decision regarding getting rid of sensitive documents. Keep reading to learn more about the best management practices for outdated documents!

The Risks Associated With Throwing Away Old Documents

Every day, without even thinking twice, we toss out old documents that we no longer need – from old receipts to bills to credit card statements. However, many of us fail to realize that by doing so, we are unknowingly opening ourselves up to various risks. Throwing away old documents, especially those that contain sensitive information, such as social security numbers, dates of birth, and banking information, can leave us vulnerable to identity theft, fraud, and other types of financial cybercrime. Therefore, we all must take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and be mindful of what we are throwing away and how we are throwing it away.

What Is Shredding?

Shredding destroys paper documents by cutting them into small pieces. This is an excellent option for sensitive documents that contain personal information. Shredding ensures that this information cannot be accessed by anyone who might use it for malicious purposes. Many businesses offer shredding services, and communities have events where you can bring your old documents to be shredded for free.

The Benefits Of Using A Paper Shredder To Protect Your Identity

Identity theft is a growing concern today, but using a paper shredder can effectively protect yourself. You can prevent potential thieves from obtaining sensitive data by shredding documents containing personal information. In addition to providing security, shredding can offer peace of mind, knowing that your personal information is not just sitting in the trash for anyone to access. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option as shredded paper can be recycled instead of taking up landfill space. Investing in a paper shredder may seem like a small step, but it can significantly impact keeping your identity safe.


Recycling is an eco-friendly option for disposing of old documents that don’t contain sensitive information. Recycling paper helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. When you recycle paper, it’s broken down into pulp and used to create new paper products. If you’re unsure whether a document contains sensitive information, it’s always best to err on caution and shred it.

Identify What Documents You Need To Shred Vs. Recycle

Identity theft is a growing concern in today’s technology-driven world. One way to protect yourself from potential identity thieves is to shred sensitive documents rather than just recycling them. Some documents you should shred include bank statements, credit card statements, and any documents containing personal information like your social security number. On the other hand, some documents that can be recycled include newspapers, magazines, and junk mail. Reviewing your records and determining what needs to be shredded versus what can be recycled to keep your personal information secure is essential.

Tips For Managing Your Documents

Now that you know the best way to dispose of your old documents, here are some tips for managing them:

  • Create a filing system: Organize your documents by category, such as financial, medical, and personal. This will make it easier to find what you need when needed.
  • Keep important documents safe: Store essential documents in a secure location, such as a fireproof safe or a safety deposit box.
  • Set up a schedule: Schedule regular times to review your documents and dispose of those that are no longer needed.


Protecting yourself from identity theft and other security breaches is essential. The last thing you want is to become a victim of someone trying to obtain personal information after disposing of sensitive documents. With the proper knowledge, you can securely protect yourself and those around you. Utilizing a paper shredder is the best way to dispose of old documents and keep track of papers that contain sensitive information.

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