Secure Document Storage

Reliable & Secure Document Storage

If you oversee maintaining records, or run a business in the United States, you are likely aware of the requirements and importance of retaining documents containing key information for various retention periods. Being able to safely store important documents is not only something that can greatly benefit an organization’s access to information; it can also be required by law.

Document Destruction of Virginia offers secure and responsible document storage solutions for businesses within our service region. As mentioned, an effective document storage solution can provide your business with many great benefits, and in many cases help your business keep within compliance of legal guidelines outlined in legislation such as FACTA and HIPAA.

Effective Document Management Solutions

Our records management division maintains the expertise and equipment to securely store documents while also ensuring that they can easily be retrieved as needed. In fact, often we can have files and boxes delivered the same day.

We use an advanced bar-coding system to organize documents in our secure storage facility. This system allows for documents and file boxes to be located within seconds, meaning that your documents can always be found in a timely fashion.

Secure Storage Facility

Document Destruction of Virginia maintains a clean and climate-controlled warehouse for secure document storage, minimizing the risk of mold and moisture from harming the integrity of your documents and the information they contain. Our facility is also monitored by an independent third party for security and fire; providing clients with the peace of mind knowing that their documents are highly secured.

We go to great lengths to make sure that our facility maintains ideal conditions for storing documents. No matter the security, environmental or climate situation, our team is on it.

What Kinds of Documents Can Be Stored?

The simple answer is that any document can be stored! We know that a key component of effective document storage and records management is understanding the needs and nature of your business. Our clients range across a variety of sectors including legal (wills, POA’s, contract agreements etc.), medical (patient records, x-rays etc.) service and retail businesses (client records, order records etc.) and many more.

Why Trust Us with Your Documents?

Having Document Destruction of Virginia store your important files and paper documents can have many benefits over handling them on your own. Some of the benefits of trusting us to manage and store your records and files include:

  • Improved efficiency: less of your employee time spent locating and organizing files.
  • Extra security: our facility is always monitored for security and fire risks, ensuring your documents stay safe 24/7.
  • More office real estate: Outsourcing document storage means more space in your office for other projects or employees.

DDV Has Your Back

Our records management team is ready to work with you and your business on a document storage plan that works for your needs and budget. Our team can arrive right at your workplace to collect and transport documents to our secure warehouse for inventorying and storage.

We offer solutions that are flexible, affordable and effective for businesses and organizations within our service area. Give us a call today to speak to one of our records management experts about your storage needs.

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