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Tax Season: The Perfect Time for Document Shredding

tax forms ready for document shredding

Tax season is here, which is a stressful time for many. The positive side of tax season (if there is one) is that it forces you to take a look at the documents you have on hand. At this point, there may be documents that you can dispose of and some you should keep. The problem with document disposal is that it must be completed securely, as this poses the risk of identity theft or fraud.

If you’re considering document destruction during this tax season, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how document destruction can benefit you, your business, and your personally identifiable information.

It Keeps Your Company Safe

You don’t want private company info to fall into the wrong hands. That’s why you want to use document destruction services: because they are very reliable, they help you ensure all information is properly destroyed. During tax season, there are enough concerns to worry about; ensuring documents are destroyed properly shouldn’t be one of them.


It Maintains Client Privacy

Client information should be protected at all times. In fact, you are required by law to shred any confidential documentation. Thankfully, with document destruction, you can finally ensure there are no problems and everything is managed adequately. By choosing a professional document destruction company, you ensure your clients are protected every time.


It Reduces Any Liability

Document destruction reduces liability. As a general rule, any document that contains any personally identifiable information should be locked up securely, either in a safe or in a secure storage facility. If documents are sitting there out in the open and if someone goes through them, you are liable for it.


It Keeps Your Reputation Intact

You want to ensure that your business grows, expands and it has the best reputation possible. Using a secure document destruction company ensures that you are protected in the event of a data breach, meaning that your reputation isn’t affected. At Document Destruction of Virginia, we care about our reputation too. We offer a Certificate of Destruction post-shred to ensure proof of compliance. By choosing us, you guarantee that you are selecting a company that has your best interest in mind.


Achieve Peace of Mind This Tax Season With DDV

The main focus of document destruction services is to have all documents shredded properly. It’s an efficient, reliable way to ensure that your information is protected.    It’s easy to see why using document destruction services can help your business during the tax season. You can remove most of the paperwork that you don’t need while keeping the documents you require for tax purposes or for general use. Alternatively, we also offer document storage for the documents you need but don’t require on-site.

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