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5 Reasons Your Business Would Benefit From Document Storage

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From time to time, we’ve all experienced a moment where our space has been cluttered. Perhaps during a move or over time, you realize that you have to get rid of some stuff.

In an office, this happens frequently. Client files begin to pile up. By law, you’re required to keep them. With your file closet beginning to fill up, you wonder what you can do to save on space.

This is where document storage comes in.

Let’s take a look at some reasons for how document storage could benefit your business.

1. It Saves Space

This reason is perhaps the most obvious one. If you have limited space in your office, storing your client files or sensitive documents at a secure location saves space and reduces the amount of clutter in your office. Over the years, there have been multiple studies supporting the idea that clutter has a negative impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Using a document storage system not only saves space, but it also provides peace of mind. Storing any confidential files off-site in a secure location will ensure that your documents are always protected.

2. It Saves Time

Time is valuable, especially when it comes to your business. You have a job to do and your employees do too.

We’ve all felt the frustration of having difficulty finding something, especially when you’re in a cluttered space. Unless your files are labeled correctly, locating a specific file could take a number of hours, which wastes valuable time and decreases productivity.

At Document Destruction of Virginia, we ensure that your files can be easily retrieved if needed. We use a barcoding system so that your documents and files can be located within a matter of seconds, so no time is wasted.

3. It’s Cost-Effective

You may believe that it may be expensive to store your documents and files at an off-site storage facility. Storing your documents is a means of avoiding the additional costs of moving your office to a bigger location. Moving your location could lead to a loss of work hours due to moving and setting up, which could lead to a loss of revenue.

4. It’s Secure

Protecting sensitive information is important for your business and is required by law. As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain compliance with the law. If your business was broken into and your files were stolen, you could face negative consequences.

Our facility is monitored by an independent third-party for security and fire. Additionally, our storage rooms are temperature controlled, reducing the risk of mold and moisture from harming your files.

5. It’s a Reason To Get Rid of What You No Longer Need

If you decide to choose document storage, what better time to go through what documents you should keep versus what you should shred? Shredding confidential, sensitive documents you no longer need is the best way to prevent dumpster divers from stealing your valuable information.

The best part? We offer both document destruction and document storage services. We can shred your documents securely while storing the files you still need.

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