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The Perks of Using a Mobile Shredding Service

Maintaining documents has always been a very important task for any kind of business, but what happens when you no longer have use for them. Throwing them away can lead to confidential or personal information falling into the wrong hands. Most companies now rely on mobile shredding services from professional companies to come and pick up their documents to have them securely shredded right then and there. Protecting your data from being misused.


So what makes Mobile shredding so different from an off-site paper shredding service? Let’s go through and talk about the importance of document shredding, the perks of using a mobile shredding service, and the different types of shredding services that are available with a mobile shredding service.

Why is Document Shredding so Important?

Document shredding has become so important for all businesses alike that deal with confidential or personal information as you have to destroy records to comply with privacy laws. These laws are in place to protect your clients’ private information, and it also helps your business as well against fraudulent purposes. Identity theft can not only tarnish your reputation but also put your business in jeopardy of legal action, personal damages, and financial losses. A good identity theft prevention plan starts with the protection of your company’s confidential documents.

Perks of a Mobile Shredding Service

When you choose a mobile shredding service, that means that the shredding company comes to your location with their mobile truck, which contains a commercial shredder. Meaning that they do all your shredding right there on-site, ensuring that your documents never leave your location intact. Plus, it’s extremely convenient since all you have to do is point in the direction your documents are, and the shredding experts collect them.


Another perk that comes with mobile shredding is the extra protection of being able to view the entire shredding process yourself, as most mobile trucks will have a camera and a screen allowing you to watch all your documents being destroyed.

Types of Shredding Services

All companies have different shredding needs. Some need a more regular service, and others may only need it once a year. That is why shredding companies have come up with shredding plans that suit every company’s needs.


One-Time Purge ShreddingPurge shredding services are for customers and businesses who need only one-time destruction instead of regular shredding. Document Destruction of Virginia can help you securely shred paper regardless of its size.


Scheduled Shredding – By using scheduled shredding, you save time and hassle. Best of all, this option is affordable and can be tailored to fit your preferences. Lockable security containers are also provided so that your documents can be protected until your next scheduled shredding appointment.
After learning all of the benefits, the significance of document destruction, and the different types of mobile shredding services, you are now ready to book your first mobile shredding appointment.


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