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3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Destroy Old Hard Drives

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Every company uses computers to store data in one form or another and has become an important part of a business. As technology is improving, so do our computers which means upgrades often happen. So when you are replacing your computers or hardware, what do you do with the hard drive full of private and confidential information? It’s simple; you use a hard drive destruction service.

Many companies depend on these services to protect their most sensitive information, but what does a hard drive service entail? What is a hard drive? And why is it so important to shred your hard drives?

What is a Hard Drive?

A hard drive is a non-volatile, removable electronic data storage device that stores and retrieves data electronically using one or more rapidly spinning platters covered with various layers of magnetic material. The data is stored on this media when it is not in use. It can be accessed via a magnetic drive or a mechanical hard drive. In the latter case, it is called a floppy drive, while it is called a hard drive in the former case.

What is a Hard Drive Destruction Service?

A hard drive destruction is a service that experts in data protection perform. These shredding companies will come to your place of work in their mobile shredding trucks with their commercial shredders. They then collect all the hard drives and bring them out to the truck to be shredded right before your eyes, or they are brought back to a secure location to be shredded there.

3 Reasons Why to Shred

Data Protection

The major reason a hard drive destruction service is so popular is that it is the ultimate data protection, unlike other methods like wiping your hard drive. The reason why it’s the best method is because when you simply wipe your hard drive, you aren’t getting rid of everything. Bits of data can still be found by someone who is skilled enough, which could lead to your data being used for fraudulent purposes. When you destroy your hard drives completely, your data is unrecoverable.


When dealing with personal information, you must abide by privacy laws that protect your client’s data from harm. This means that you have to destroy that information safely and securely. When using this kind of service, you are providing compliance in the easiest way possible. After each shredding service, you are provided with a certificate of destruction providing compliance, and your data has been destroyed.


E-Waste is a problem that is on the rise, and the effects are being felt globally. While the problem has gotten more press lately as companies such as Apple have spoken out against the environmentally harmful effects of e-waste, it is a problem that needs attention for years to come. While many companies are responsible for recycling their e-waste and using proper disposal methods, e-waste is still seeping into the environment. A hard drive shredding service that recycles any electronic waste can help solve this problem and allow the waste to be appropriately disposed of, leaving Mother Earth better off and your personal information and files.

Now that you know the three reasons why you should start using a hard drive destruction service, you are ready to get started and make the first appointment. Contact Document Destruction of Virginia today; we would be happy to assist you.

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