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Could Your Business Use Scheduled Shredding?

Office worker working on computer while shredding documents in an office shredder

When you are running a business, you don’t want to worry about your sensitive information being used for the wrong reasons. It’s not only your business’s information but the information of your clients too. So doing everything you can to protect it is very important, which means that your business needs to shred its documents.

What if your business always has a pile of documents that need to be shredded? Do you want to let your employees take time out of their day to shred them? Or use an effective and secure scheduled shredding service designed to help businesses destroy their information in the safest way possible while saving them money in the long run.

What is Scheduled Shredding?

Many businesses widely use scheduled shredding as it is the best way to protect your most valuable and sensitive information. These services are performed by shredding experts whose primary focus is providing secure shredding while doing it cost-effectively and efficiently. These experts will come to your location as frequently as you need; they will collect your documents and then bring them out to the mobile shredding truck to be shredded on-site using their commercial shredding machine. You can often even watch the service yourself, so you can see your documents destroyed, giving you the ease of mind that they are gone forever.

Why Use Scheduled Shredding?

So you need paper shredding, but why use scheduled shredding instead of the other types of paper shredding services? Here are a few reasons why scheduled shredding is right for you.

Amount of Documents

If your office always has a stack of documents that need to be destroyed, then scheduled shredding services are perfect for you. No longer will you have to spend your days shredding them yourselves. Just sit back and let the professionals handle the heavy lifting.

Data Protection

Scheduled shredding is one of the best ways to secure your papers that contain sensitive information. It will help to prevent fraud and safeguard your business. The companies that perform scheduled shredding services use high-tech machines to dispose of your sensitive materials securely.  Security is their number one priority, which means that their services are built around providing the most secure way of destroying your documents.

Secure Containers

Having a regular shredding service for your sensitive documents ensures that your important data is adequately protected. However, how can you safeguard your papers before your scheduled shredding session? The answer is secure shredding bins. These bins are provided to scheduled shredding clients to store their documents securely until their shredding date arrives. So you never have to worry about your documents being unprotected.


A data security company experienced in providing excellent data protection is very flexible, allowing you to schedule your shredding around your own needs. That way, shredding is there for you when you need it.

Saves Money

The benefits of regular shredding services include the fact that your employees do not waste time shredding heavy piles of paperwork on-site. Now you don’t have to buy the shredders yourself, which can be a huge saving for your business in the long run.

Environmental Benefits

Lastly, using shredding services means that instead of your documents going into the landfill, they are recycled properly and can be used to make other paper products.

Scheduled shredding offers the highest level of security along with many other benefits. Getting started is easy with Document Destruction of Virginia.

Let us tailor a program that will accommodate your shredding needs.